pom close ups

Growing Goodness

It started with growing tomato plants in my parents backyard.  In the early Spring we would start tomatoe seedlings in our basement and i would check on them every morning before going off to school.  Today we have taken it a few steps further wiht the help of the Southern California sunshine and grow a few differnet types of fruit trees here on the property.

The Farms

Based in Vista, California, we grow various fruit trees and edible plants on the property.  Dragon Fruit, Pomegrantes, and Figs are the main crops that we grow.  Once these plants reach a mature size we are abel to take cuttings from these plants and trees and offer them to the public so that you can grow your own food.

San Diego County is home to some of the best growing conditions in the world with a climate similar to that of the Mediterranean.  Partnering with other farmers we are able to offer a wide variety and qunatity of fruiting plants and trees.

vitex cuttings size scaled