Asunta 3


Aside from the beautiful, unique flower, Asunta 3 is a purple fleshed fruit and is known to have a grape like flavor. When young the fruit may tend to have a pink like colored flesh until the plant matures. This is considered a rare dragon fruit variety and should be part of any serious dragon fruit collection.


Dragon fruit cuttings, also known as Pitaya cuttings are relatively easy to root. There are many methods and you can find many videos about rooting the cuttings on the internet. My preferred method to root cuttings is to place them in a pot with a moist mix of peat moss and perlite. then keep just a little moist, not too much. Although dragon fruit plants are a cactus, they are a tropical cactus, and will need more water than a desert cactus. While rooting they should be out of direct sun in some shade. If in the cold season you may need to provide them bottom heat in the form of a heat mat or some other heat source.

Additional information

Weight.397 oz
Dimensions25 × 6 × 6 in

12 – 17 inch, 18 – 20 inch, 21 – 24 inch


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